Andrea Bridges founded Repeat Possessions in 2006 while she and her husband were busy raising 4 little kids with big dreams for them to attend college. As they blew threw clothes with several growth spurts, she found herself always shopping for outfits when money was tight and time was especially difficult due to homework and sport activities.

She began to resell their clothes on eBay under the name Repeat Possessions. Her buyers continued to contact her requesting to be updated with any new auctions she was going to post. They also asked if she carried other products like handbags and apparel specifically for women. From there she began to carefully select brands and styles that would be perfect for the mothers and daughters shopping for that awesome go-to outfit, which was practical and not expensive. She wanted to offer something casual for the active person.

Repeat Possessions grew at a nice pace, which allowed all of Andrea's kids to be involved with the home-based business. Although it began as used clothes, Andrea kept the name because of the wonderful "Repeat" customers.

In 2015, Andrea wanted to spend more time with her family. So she sold to Sandy Allan and Jerri Hemsworth. Sandy and Jerri wanted to continue to provide the quality clothes and styles to the existing customer base while expanding to a growing audience who demand even more comfy styles at a fair price. In 2017, we rebranded the online store to be RP Boutique because we never want to forget our roots.

Our great customers and friends have allowed us to pay it forward and we are proud to be able to give back and help raise awareness for several organizations and charities. We thank you for learning more about us and look forward to you being an RP customer.

A bit about the rest of our family:

kristy-about.pngKristy Terry - Walnut Creek, CA. Creative & Marketing Director. I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea while working for Gee'WaWa, we quickly became friends as well as colleagues in the industry. When it came time to start a family, I wanted to free-lance so I could work from home. Andrea contacted me shortly after, and together we became a fabulous team (and we had never even met in person!) Now I'm raising my son Oliver and loving the work I do. So happy to be a part of the RepeatPo family!
ollie-about.pngOliver (Ollie) - Walnut Creek, CA
RepeatPo Baby Mascot
Love-able little Ollie makes appearances on our blog and website from time to time. Always a
happy baby, he's sure to bring you a smile or two.